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bindActionCreators(actionCreators, dispatch)


Turns an object whose values are action creators, into an object with the same keys, but with every action creator wrapped into a dispatch call so they may be invoked directly.

Normally you should just call dispatch directly on your Store instance. If you use Redux with React, react-redux will provide you with the dispatch function so you can call it directly, too.

The only use case for bindActionCreators is when you want to pass some action creators down to a component that isn't aware of Redux, and you don't want to pass dispatch or the Redux store to it.

For convenience, you can also pass an action creator as the first argument, and get a dispatch wrapped function in return.


This was originally intended for use with the legacy React-Redux connect method. It still works, but is rarely needed.


  1. actionCreators (Function or Object): An action creator, or an object whose values are action creators.

  2. dispatch (Function): A dispatch function available on the Store instance.


(Function or Object): An object mimicking the original object, but with each function immediately dispatching the action returned by the corresponding action creator. If you passed a function as actionCreators, the return value will also be a single function.



export function addTodo(text) {
return {
type: 'ADD_TODO',

export function removeTodo(id) {
return {
type: 'REMOVE_TODO',


import React from 'react'
import { bindActionCreators } from 'redux'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'

import * as TodoActionCreators from './TodoActionCreators'
// {
// addTodo: Function,
// removeTodo: Function
// }

function TodoListContainer(props) {
// Injected by react-redux:
const { dispatch, todos } = props

// Here's a good use case for bindActionCreators:
// You want a child component to be completely unaware of Redux.
// We create bound versions of these functions now so we can
// pass them down to our child later.

const boundActionCreators = useMemo(
() => bindActionCreators(TodoActionCreators, dispatch),
// {
// addTodo: Function,
// removeTodo: Function
// }

useEffect(() => {
// Note: this won't work:
// TodoActionCreators.addTodo('Use Redux')

// You're just calling a function that creates an action.
// You must dispatch the action, too!

// This will work:
let action = TodoActionCreators.addTodo('Use Redux')
}, [])

return <TodoList todos={todos} {...this.boundActionCreators} />

// An alternative to bindActionCreators is to pass
// just the dispatch function down, but then your child component
// needs to import action creators and know about them.

// return <TodoList todos={todos} dispatch={dispatch} />

export default connect(state => ({ todos: state.todos }))(TodoListContainer)