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Redux Tutorials Index

Redux Official Tutorials

The Quick Start page briefly shows the basics of setting up a Redux Toolkit + React application, and the TypeScript Quick Start page shows how to set up Redux Toolkit and React for use with TypeScript.

We have two different full-size tutorials:

  • The Redux Essentials tutorial is a "top-down" tutorial that teaches "how to use Redux the right way", using our latest recommended APIs and best practices (Redux Toolkit for the logic, React-Redux hooks for the UI, and "RTK Query" for fetching and caching data).
  • The Redux Fundamentals tutorial is a "bottom-up" tutorial that teaches "how Redux works" from first principles and without any abstractions, and why standard Redux usage patterns exist.

We recommend starting with the Redux Essentials tutorial, since it covers the key points you need to know about how to get started using our modern Redux Toolkit package to write actual applications.

Additional Resources

Learn Modern Redux Livestream

Redux maintainer Mark Erikson appeared on the "Learn with Jason" show to explain how we recommend using Redux today. The show includes a live-coded example app that shows how to use Redux Toolkit and React-Redux hooks with TypeScript, as well as the new RTK Query data fetching APIs: