Redux is a tiny library, but its contracts and APIs are carefully chosen to spawn an ecosystem of tools and extensions, and the community has created a wide variety of helpful addons, libraries, and tools. You don't need to use any of these addons to use Redux, but they can help make it easier to implement features and solve problems in your application.

For an extensive catalog of libraries, addons, and tools related to Redux, check out the Redux Ecosystem Links list. Also, the React/Redux Links list contains tutorials and other useful resources for anyone learning React or Redux.

This page lists some of the Redux-related addons that the Redux maintainers have vetted personally, or that have shown widespread adoption in the community. Don't let this discourage you from trying the rest of them! The ecosystem is growing too fast, and we have a limited time to look at everything. Consider these the “staff picks”, and don't hesitate to submit a PR if you've built something wonderful with Redux.

Table of Contents

Library Integration and Bindings

reduxjs/react-redux The official React bindings for Redux, maintained by the Redux team

angular-redux/ng-redux Angular 1 bindings for Redux

angular-redux/store Angular 2+ bindings for Redux

ember-redux/ember-redux Ember bindings for Redux

glimmer-redux/glimmer-redux Redux bindings for Ember's Glimmer component engine

tur-nr/polymer-redux Redux bindings for Polymer

lastmjs/redux-store-element Redux bindings for custom elements


Reducer Combination

ryo33/combineSectionReducers An expanded version of combineReducers, which allows passing state as a third argument to all slice reducers.

KodersLab/topologically-combine-reducers A combineReducers variation that allows defining cross-slice dependencies for ordering and data passing

var masterReducer = topologicallyCombineReducers(
{auth, users, todos},
// define the dependency tree
{ auth: ['users'], todos: ['auth'] }

Reducer Composition

acdlite/reduce-reducers Provides sequential composition of reducers at the same level

const combinedReducer = combineReducers({users, posts, comments});
const rootReducer = reduceReducers(combinedReducer, otherTopLevelFeatureReducer);

mhelmer/redux-xforms A collection of composable reducer transformers

const createByFilter = (predicate, mapActionToKey) => compose(
withInitialState({}), // inject initial state as {}
withFilter(predicate), // let through if action has filterName
updateSlice(mapActionToKey), // update a single key in the state
isolateSlice(mapActionToKey) // run the reducer on a single state slice

adrienjt/redux-data-structures Reducer factory functions for common data structures: counters, maps, lists (queues, stacks), sets

const myCounter = counter({
incrementActionTypes: ['INCREMENT'],
decrementActionTypes: ['DECREMENT'],

Higher-Order Reducers

omnidan/redux-undo Effortless undo/redo and action history for your reducers

omnidan/redux-ignore Ignore redux actions by array or filter function

omnidan/redux-recycle Reset the redux state on certain actions

ForbesLindesay/redux-optimist A reducer enhancer to enable type-agnostic optimistic updates


reduxactions/redux-actions Flux Standard Action utilities for Redux

const increment = createAction('INCREMENT');
const reducer = handleActions({ [increment] : (state, action) => state + 1 }, 0);
const store = createStore(reducer);

BerkeleyTrue/redux-create-types Creates standard and async action types based on namespaces

export const types = createTypes( [ 'openModal', createAsyncTypes('fetch') ], 'app');
// { openModal : "app.openModal", fetch : { start : "app.fetch.start", complete: 'app.fetch.complete' } }

maxhallinan/kreighter Generates action creators based on types and expected fields

const formatTitle = (id, title) => ({
id, title: toTitleCase(title),
const updateBazTitle = fromType('UPDATE_BAZ_TITLE', formatTitle);
updateBazTitle(1, 'foo bar baz');
// -> { type: 'UPDATE_BAZ_TITLE', id: 1, title: 'Foo Bar Baz', }


reduxjs/reselect Creates composable memoized selector functions for efficiently deriving data from the store state

const taxSelector = createSelector(
[subtotalSelector, taxPercentSelector],
(subtotal, taxPercent) => subtotal * (taxPercent / 100)

paularmstrong/normalizr Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema

const user = new schema.Entity('users');
const comment = new schema.Entity('comments', { commenter: user});
const article = new schema.Entity('articles', { author: user, comments: [ comment ] });
const normalizedData = normalize(originalData, article);

planttheidea/selectorator Abstractions over Reselect for common selector use cases

const getBarBaz = createSelector(['', 'baz'],
(bar, baz) => `${bar} ${baz}`
getBarBaz({foo: {bar: 'a'}, baz: 'b'}); // "a b"


Change Subscriptions

jprichardson/redux-watch Watch for state changes based on key paths or selectors

let w = watch(() => mySelector(store.getState()) );
store.subscribe( w((newVal, oldVal) => {
console.log(newval, oldVal)

ashaffer/redux-subscribe Centralized subscriptions to state changes based on paths

store.dispatch( subscribe("users.byId.abcd", "subscription1", () => {} );


tappleby/redux-batched-subscribe Store enhancer that can debounce subscription notifications

const debounceNotify = _.debounce(notify => notify());
const store = createStore(reducer, initialState, batchedSubscribe(debounceNotify));

manaflair/redux-batch Store enhancer that allows dispatching arrays of actions

const store = createStore(reducer, reduxBatch);
store.dispatch([ {type : "INCREMENT"}, {type : "INCREMENT"} ]);

laysent/redux-batch-actions-enhancer Store enhancer that accepts batched actions

const store = createStore(reducer, initialState, batch().enhancer);
store.dispatch(createAction({type : "INCREMENT"}, {type : "INCREMENT"}));

tshelburne/redux-batched-actions Higher-order reducer that handles batched actions

const store = createStore(enableBatching(reducer), initialState)
store.dispatch(batchActions([ {type : "INCREMENT"}, {type : "INCREMENT"} ]))


rt2zz/redux-persist Persist and rehydrate a Redux store, with many extensible options

const store = createStore( reducer, autoRehydrate());

react-stack/redux-storage Persistence layer for Redux with flexible backends

const reducer = storage.reducer(combineReducers(reducers));
const engine = createEngineLocalStorage('my-save-key');
const storageMiddleware = storage.createMiddleware(engine);
const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware(storageMiddleware));

redux-offline/redux-offline Persistent store for Offline-First apps, with support for optimistic UIs

const store = createStore(reducer, offline(offlineConfig));
meta: { offline: { effect: { }, commit: { }, rollback: { } } }

Immutable Data

Data Structures

facebook/immutable-js Immutable persistent data collections for Javascript

const map1 = Map({ a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 })
const map2 = map1.set('b', 50)
map1.get('b') // 2
map2.get('b') // 50

rtfeldman/seamless-immutable Frozen immutable arrays/objects, backwards-compatible with JS

const array = Immutable(["totally", "immutable", {a : 42}]);
array[0] = "edited"; // does nothing

planttheidea/crio Immutable JS objects with a natural API

const foo = crio(['foo']);
const fooBar = foo.push('bar'); // new array: ['foo', 'bar']

aearly/icepick Utilities for treating frozen JS objects as persistent immutable collections.

const newObj = icepick.assocIn({c : {d : "bar" } }, ["c", "d"], "baz");
const obj3 = icepicke.merge(obj1, obj2);

Immutable Update Utilities

mweststrate/immer Immutable updates with normal mutative code, using Proxies

const nextState = produce(baseState, draftState => {
draftState.push({ todo: "Tweet about it" })
draftState[1].done = true

kolodny/immutability-helper A drop-in replacement for react-addons-update

const newData = update(myData, {
x: {y: {z: {$set: 7}}},
a: {b: {$push: [9]}}

mariocasciaro/object-path-immutable Simpler alternative to immutability-helpers and Immutable.js

const newObj = immutable(obj).set('a.b', 'f').del(['a', 'c', 0]).value()

debitoor/dot-prop-immutable Immutable version of the dot-prop lib, with some extensions

const newState = dotProp.set(state, `todos.${index}.complete`, true)
const endOfArray = dotProp.get(obj, 'foo.$end')

Immutable/Redux Interop

gajus/redux-immutable combineReducers equivalent that works with Immutable.js Maps

const initialState = Immutable.Map();
const rootReducer = combineReducers({});
const store = createStore(rootReducer, initialState);

eadmundo/redux-seamless-immutable combineReducers equivalent that works with seamless-immutable values

import { combineReducers } from 'redux-seamless-immutable';
const rootReducer = combineReducers({ userReducer, posts

Side Effects

Widely Used

gaearon/redux-thunk Dispatch functions, which are called and given dispatch and getState as parameters. This acts as a loophole for AJAX calls and other async behavior.

Best for: getting started, simple async and complex synchronous logic.

function fetchData(someValue) {
return (dispatch, getState) => {
dispatch({type : "REQUEST_STARTED"});"/someEndpoint", {data : someValue})
.then(response => dispatch({type : "REQUEST_SUCCEEDED", payload : response})
.catch(error => dispatch({type : "REQUEST_FAILED", error : error});
function addTodosIfAllowed(todoText) {
return (dispatch, getState) => {
const state = getState();
if(state.todos.length < MAX_TODOS) {
dispatch({type : "ADD_TODO", text : todoText});

redux-saga/redux-saga Handle async logic using synchronous-looking generator functions. Sagas return descriptions of effects, which are executed by the saga middleware, and act like "background threads" for JS applications.

Best for: complex async logic, decoupled workflows

function* fetchData(action) {
const {someValue} = action;
try {
const response = yield call(, "/someEndpoint", {data : someValue});
yield put({type : "REQUEST_SUCCEEDED", payload : response});
catch(error) {
yield put({type : "REQUEST_FAILED", error : error});
function* addTodosIfAllowed(action) {
const {todoText} = action;
const todos = yield select(state => state.todos);
if(todos.length < MAX_TODOS) {
yield put({type : "ADD_TODO", text : todoText});


Handle async logic using RxJS observable chains called "epics". Compose and cancel async actions to create side effects and more.

Best for: complex async logic, decoupled workflows

const loginRequestEpic = (action$) =>
.mergeMap(({ payload: { username, password } }) =>
Observable.from(postLogin(username, password))
const loginSuccessfulEpic = (action$) =>
.mergeMap(({ payload: { msg } }) =>
const rootEpic = combineEpics(loginRequestEpic, loginSuccessfulEpic);


A port of the Elm Architecture to Redux that allows you to sequence your effects naturally and purely by returning them from your reducers. Reducers now return both a state value and a side effect description.

Best for: trying to be as much like Elm as possible in Redux+JS

export const reducer = (state = {}, action) => {
switch(action.type) {
case ActionType.LOGIN_REQUEST:
const {username, password} = action.payload;
return loop(
{pending : true},
Effect.promise(loginPromise, username, password)
case ActionType.LOGIN_SUCCESS:
const {user, msg} = action.payload;
return loop(
{pending : false, user},
Effect.promise(delayMessagePromise, msg, 2000)
case ActionType.LOGIN_FAILURE:
return {pending : false, err : action.payload};
default : return state;


Side effects lib built with observables, but allows use of callbacks, promises, async/await, or observables. Provides declarative processing of actions.

Best for: very decoupled async logic

const loginLogic = createLogic({
type : Actions.LOGIN_REQUEST,
process({getState, action}, dispatch, done) {
const {username, password} = action.payload;
postLogin(username, password)
.then( ({user, msg}) => {
setTimeout(() => dispatch(showMessage(msg)), 2000);
(err) => dispatch(loginFailure(err))


acdlite/redux-promise Dispatch promises as action payloads, and have FSA-compliant actions dispatched as the promise resolves or rejects.

dispatch({type : "FETCH_DATA", payload : myAjaxLib.get("/data") });
// will dispatch either {type : "FETCH_DATA", payload : response} if resolved,
// or dispatch {type : "FETCH_DATA", payload : error, error : true} if rejected

lelandrichardson/redux-pack Sensible, declarative, convention-based promise handling that guides users in a good direction without exposing the full power of dispatch.

dispatch({type : "FETCH_DATA", payload : myAjaxLib.get("/data") });
// in a reducer:
case "FETCH_DATA": =
return handle(state, action, {
start: prevState => ({
isLoading: true,
fooError: null
finish: prevState => ({ ...prevState, isLoading: false }),
failure: prevState => ({ ...prevState, fooError: payload }),
success: prevState => ({ ...prevState, foo: payload }),


Networks and Sockets

svrcekmichal/redux-axios-middleware Fetches data with Axios and dispatches start/success/fail actions

export const loadCategories() => ({ type: 'LOAD', payload: { request : { url: '/categories'} } });

agraboso/redux-api-middleware Reads API call actions, fetches, and dispatches FSAs

const fetchUsers = () => ({
[CALL_API]: { endpoint: '', method: 'GET', types: ['REQUEST', 'SUCCESS', 'FAILURE'] }

itaylor/ An opinionated connector between and redux.

const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware(socketIoMiddleware));
store.dispatch({type : "server/hello", data : "Hello!"});

tiberiuc/redux-react-firebase Integration between Firebase, React, and Redux

Async Behavior

rt2zz/redux-action-buffer Buffers all actions into a queue until a breaker condition is met, at which point the queue is released

wyze/redux-debounce FSA-compliant middleware for Redux to debounce actions.

mathieudutour/redux-queue-offline Queue actions when offline and dispatch them when getting back online.


rangle/redux-beacon Integrates with any analytics services, can track while offline, and decouples analytics logic from app logic

hyperlab/redux-insights Analytics and tracking with an easy API for writing your own adapters

markdalgleish/redux-analytics Watches for Flux Standard Actions with meta analytics values and processes them

Entities and Collections

tommikaikkonen/redux-orm A simple immutable ORM to manage relational data in your Redux store.

Versent/redux-crud Convention-based actions and reducers for CRUD logic

kwelch/entities-reducer A higher-order reducer that handles data from Normalizr

amplitude/redux-query Declare colocated data dependencies with your components, run queries when components mount, perform optimistic updates, and trigger server changes with Redux actions.

cantierecreativo/redux-bees Declarative JSON-API interaction that normalizes data, with a React HOC that can run queries

GetAmbassador/redux-clerk Async CRUD handling with normalization, optimistic updates, sync/async action creators, selectors, and an extendable reducer.

shoutem/redux-io JSON-API abstraction with async CRUD, normalization, optimistic updates, caching, data status, and error handling.

jmeas/redux-resource A tiny but powerful system for managing 'resources': data that is persisted to remote servers.

Component State and Encapsulation

tonyhb/redux-ui "Block-level scoping" for UI state. Decorated components declare data fields, which become props and can be updated by nested children.

key: 'some-name', state: { uiVar1: '', uiVar2: (props, state) => state.someValue }, reducer : (state, action) => { }
class YourComponent extends React.Component {}

threepointone/redux-react-local Local component state in Redux, with handling for component actions

ident: 'counter', initial: 0, reducer : (state, action) => ? state + 1 : state }
class Counter extends React.Component {

epeli/lean-redux Makes component state in Redux as easy as setState

const DynamicCounters = connectLean(
scope: "dynamicCounters",
getInitialState() => ({counterCount : 1}),
addCounter, removeCounter

ioof-holdings/redux-subspace Creates isolated "sub-stores" for decoupled micro front-ends, with integration for React, sagas, and observables

const reducer = combineReducers({
subApp1: namespaced('subApp1')(counter),
subApp2: namespaced('subApp2')(counter)
const subApp1Store = subspace((state) => state.subApp1, 'subApp1')(store)
const subApp2Store = subspace((state) => state.subApp2, 'subApp2')(store)
subApp1Store.dispatch({ type: 'INCREMENT' })
console.log('store state:', store.getState()) // { "subApp1": { value: 2 }, "subApp2": { value: 1 } }

DataDog/redux-doghouse Aims to make reusable components easier to build with Redux by scoping actions and reducers to a particular instance of a component.

const scopeableActions = new ScopedActionFactory(actionCreators);
const actionCreatorsScopedToA = scopeableActions.scope('a');'bar'); //{ type: SET_FOO, value: 'bar', scopeID: 'a' }
const boundScopeableActions = bindScopedActionFactories(scopeableActions, store.dispatch);
const scopedReducers = scopeReducers(reducers);

Dev Tools

Debuggers and Viewers


Dan Abramov's original Redux DevTools implementation, built for in-app display of state and time-travel debugging


Mihail Diordiev's browser extension, which bundles multiple state monitor views and adds integration with the browser's own dev tools


A cross-platform Electron app for inspecting React and React Native apps, including app state, API requests, perf, errors, sagas, and action dispatching.

DevTools Monitors

Log Monitor The default monitor for Redux DevTools with a tree view

Dock Monitor A resizable and movable dock for Redux DevTools monitors

Slider Monitor A custom monitor for Redux DevTools to replay recorded Redux actions

Inspector A custom monitor for Redux DevTools that lets you filter actions, inspect diffs, and pin deep paths in the state to observe their changes

Diff Monitor A monitor for Redux DevTools that diffs the Redux store mutations between actions

Filterable Log Monitor Filterable tree view monitor for Redux DevTools

Chart Monitor A chart monitor for Redux DevTools

Filter Actions Redux DevTools composable monitor with the ability to filter actions


evgenyrodionov/redux-logger Logging middleware that shows actions, states, and diffs

inakianduaga/redux-state-history Enhancer that provides time-travel and efficient action recording capabilities, including import/export of action logs and action playback.

joshwcomeau/redux-vcr Record and replay user sessions in real-time

socialtables/redux-unhandled-action Warns about actions that produced no state changes in development

Mutation Detection

leoasis/redux-immutable-state-invariant Middleware that throws an error when you try to mutate your state either inside a dispatch or between dispatches.

flexport/mutation-sentinel Helps you deeply detect mutations at runtime and enforce immutability in your codebase.

mmahalwy/redux-pure-connect Check and log whether react-redux's connect method is passed mapState functions that create impure props.


arnaudbenard/redux-mock-store A mock store that saves dispatched actions in an array for assertions

Workable/redux-test-belt Extends the store API to make it easier assert, isolate, and manipulate the store

conorhastings/redux-test-recorder Middleware to automatically generate reducers tests based on actions in the app

wix/redux-testkit Complete and opinionated testkit for testing Redux projects (reducers, selectors, actions, thunks)

jfairbank/redux-saga-test-plan Makes integration and unit testing of sagas a breeze


ReactTraining/react-router-redux Keep your state in sync with your router

FormidableLabs/redux-little-router A tiny router for Redux applications that lets the URL do the talking

faceyspacey/redux-first-router Seamless Redux-first routing. Think of your app in states, not routes, not components, while keeping the address bar in sync. Everything is state. Connect your components and just dispatch flux standard actions.


erikras/redux-form A full-featured library to enable a React HTML form to store its state in Redux.

davidkpiano/react-redux-form React Redux Form is a collection of reducer creators and action creators that make implementing even the most complex and custom forms with React and Redux simple and performant.

Higher-Level Abstractions

keajs/kea An abstraction over Redux, Redux-Saga and Reselect. Provides a framework for your app’s actions, reducers, selectors and sagas. It empowers Redux, making it as simple to use as setState. It reduces boilerplate and redundancy, while retaining composability.

jumpsuit/jumpstate A simplified layer over Redux. No action creators or explicit dispatching, with a built-in simple side effects system.

TheComfyChair/redux-scc Takes a defined structure and uses 'behaviors' to create a set of actions, reducer responses and selectors.

Bloomca/redux-tiles Provides minimal abstraction on top of Redux, to allow easy composability, easy async requests, and sane testability.

Community Conventions

Flux Standard Action A human-friendly standard for Flux action objects

Canonical Reducer Composition An opinionated standard for nested reducer composition

Ducks: Redux Reducer Bundles A proposal for bundling reducers, action types and actions